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Reactive PR is a niche Digital PR agency that specialises in positioning UK, US, Canadian, Australian & European brands at the centre of breaking news and current news cycle stories. We create relevant brand exposure, coverage, traffic and backlinks to client websites.

Our primary focus is giving journalists and writers what they want, exactly when they need it. When we know they are writing about something. When we know they need insight, facts, figures, quotes and for someone to help them write more engaging content. We take the guesswork out of Digital PR and leverage our ability to be the smartest and fastest in the business to generate press coverage time and time again, reliably, for our clients.

We excel at fast & relevant. We specialise in resource light, hard hitting and reliable PR.

If you want to boost your businesses perception of Expertise, Authority & Trust, and also boost your websites SEO in a consistent and Google friendly way, request a proposal from us today.

Our Digital PR team are experts in:

Reactive PR & Newsjacking

Through industry leading media monitoring, we are the fastest to spot breaking news, emerging trends and opportunities relevant to your specific industry.

As PR Experts, it's our job to get to know your business and niche. We create a custom framework for every client to ensure our service is tailor made so we never miss an opportunity to position your brand at the centre of a story.

News is 24/7. So are we.

Relevant, Timely & Authoritative PR

We excel in forward thinking PR to understand how news topics and trending stories might impact the media cycle.

By becoming experts in your business, and also the types of media and publication that cover subjects relevant for your business, we're able to tie this together and plan short cycle Reactive PR content campaigns to meet the needs of the media and audience interest.

International Reach

Our team monitor stories from around the world 24/7. Our ability to reach journalists in every country, in their local time-zone and if required, their local language, gives us a huge advantage in securing clients highly relevant and authoritative coverage & links

Expert Opinion & Data

Adding value to the media narrative by utilising expert commentary on a topic, backed with data is a tried and tested method of securing top tier media coverage. Drawing on our years of experience of what the media wants is what helps us succeed in pushing your brand into the centre of the media news cycle.

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A sample of brands we've worked on:

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The coverage & links we get:

From national to niche industry press, we get it all..

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Our Digital PR process

Reactive PR, NewsJacking, Proactive PR, none of these are "new" tactics. Some might say they are relatively simple. In theory they are. But we've made it an art form..


Understanding your business

we take a deep dive into your business and industry. We look at your main industry keywords and see how the media covers them. We look for any trends we can spot around seasonality. We look for topics that surround your business. We look at your competitors and what they might be doing. We learn what topics you might want to avoid. We seek to understand who your customers are and the issues that impact both you, and them


Custom Framework & Data gathering

Utilising the learnings from step 1, we then start looking at what data we can use to support outreach campaigns. Whether that's your own first party data eg sales data, or third party data such as Government statistics. We work with what we have, and lay plans for gathering what we need moving forwards. We look towards industry publications and regular data sources and bring these into a customised plan for your business.


Media Monitoring & forward planning

Our in-house tools and media monitoring suite tracks thousands of social media accounts, keywords and news sources so we can be the fastest to breaking stories. With our real-time alerts we can spot a story relevant for your business before other PR agencies have even noticed. If a topic is big enough or one that is upcoming, we plan and execute any relevant quick turn around campaigns to satisfy media and audience demand on the subject.


Reactive PR & Output

By utilising our proven framework for Reactive PR success we are able to consistently generate big media wins for our clients. Nothing beats relevancy for both journalists writing around topics or brands being pushed into stories they can showcase their Expertise & Authority around and earn Trust with both the public and media. There is no more consistent and safe way to build authority in your business niche and backlinks to your site than Reactive PR.

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If you want to find out how ReactivePR can help grow your business, please get in touch and we'd be delighted to listen to your needs, showcase our work and propose how we can help!

What's the Rat about?:

Explained simply, we have a track record of PR success in the Banksy art world. The Rat resonates with us as it exists without permission and is unapologetic about what it does. PR is an art form. Rat is also an anagram of Art. So we created the PR Rat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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